Jan 17, 2018

YAdavAbhyudayam 01: by Swami Desika. #watercolour #KrishnaforToday
Narayana, seated on the white snake Anantha, seems like a black cloud ensconced in a white cloud. 
Bhoomadevi, along with the devas headed by Brahma, appeals to Narayana to save her from the unrighteous conduct of the kings. 
The bees swarm around her hair attracted by its fragrance, forming a parasol made of peacock feathers. The tears form a necklace around her neck.

Jan 16, 2018

Jan 15, 2018

Jan 14, 2018

 Tiruppavai 30  The churning of the milky ocean and the essence of the Tiruppavai verse.
#watercolour #KrishnaforToday

Jan 13, 2018

 Tiruppavai 29  Eternal servitude
#watercolour #Krishnafortoday

Jan 12, 2018

Tiruppavai 28 - Oh, Krishna! You were born as a cowherd with us, 
so we did not know your greatness. 
In our ignorance, we have taken liberties with you. 
Pl forgive us. 
We realise that our relationship with you is forever.
#watercolour #Krishnafortoday

Jan 11, 2018

Tiruppavai 27 - Govinda - who rectifies one's arrogance with his innumerable, laudable qualities.
Saayujyam --the blissful communion of the soul with the Supreme.
#watercolor #KrishnaforToday