Jan 30, 2018

yadavabhyudayam 13 Govinda Pattabhishekam 
#watercolour #Krishnafortoday

The rain continued for seven days and nights without a stop. 
Krishna held the Goverdhana, unmoved.
A humbled Indra stops the rain and repents. 
Krishna replaces the hill in its original place. His friends check his palm and limbs to see whether he was hurt. It didn’t show any signs of fatigue.  
Indra extolls Krishna, “It is no wonder that you lifted the mountain - you sustain the whole world. 
I wish to anoint you as Govinda, although it has already been given to you in your Varaha avatar, when you retrieved the earth from the waters.”

Brahma sent Kamadhenu for the abhisheka of Krishna. Indra invoked the celestial Ganga. With her waters and the milk of Kamadhenu, he performed the Govinda Pattabhishekam. 

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Amazing stories. Please update more...