Jan 5, 2013

Vishwaroopa, Acrylic mural.
Inspired by Gopala Vimshati of Swamy Desika. 'Adharahita chaaru vamsha naala..." 
I want to see this form of yours during my last breath. 
your charming lips playing on your flute. The peacock feathers on your crest, 
slipping away and fluttering. Blue as a piece of the Indraneela gem, 
let this vision be with me always, until my last breath."
Narada, the guru for both the boys Dhruva and Prahlada.
For Prahlada it was his upadesha of 'Hari, Hari' and
for Dhruva it was the Dwadashakshara mantra.

 Sudarshana, the discus in a personal form.

Panchajanya, the conch in a personal form.

Arjuna, 'I will do your bidding...' (karishye vachanam thava...)

Meera 'Mere tho Giridhar Gopala, doosro na koi...'

Andal (kurai ondrum illada Govinda...)

Swamy Desika and the verse in Gopala Vimshati. 
Krishna's important verses from the Gita 
(with the last shloka, sarva dharman parityajya..) also included.

The Lord's foot rising upto the skies (emphasised with a line) during
the Vamana avatar. Brahma washes his feet, the water of which flows down as the Ganga.

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