Dec 13, 2011

Rama fights kara and Dooshana.
(note the use of gloves)


R.Sezhiyan said...

I can feel the force..really amazing..

Ravisanth said...

Dear Keshavji,

It will be an injustice if you do not convert this vibrant scene full of Dynamism & energy into a painting. I am able to visualise the colorful canvass where Sri Rama for once in Ramayana displays his SUPER HUMAN POWER demolishing the Whole KARA DHUSHSNA forces single handedly. ( My china budhdhi compares it with Rajanikanth's "uLLee Po" dialogue in "Batsha" film!!)
In fact I would love to see a full Ramayana Paintings with atleast 3-4 important scenes from each Canto.

Am I too ambitious, ji?