Jul 20, 2008

A sanyasi from Varanasi

oil on canvas


This is a pen and ink sketch which features the essence of The Ramayana--viz. complete surrender. The narrative includes instances from the Sundarakandam, an integral part of the Ramayana which describes the exploits of Hanuman. It shows the sequence, which illustrates

'surrender, and you will witness the powers the mind is able to unlock and perform with the grace of the Lord.


This is an acrylic mural done on the wall in my residence, featuring the great devotees of the lord.

The conch and the discuss have been personified. Others include Narada, his proteges Dhruva and Prahlada. Gajendra the elephant, Kamadhenu, the cow of plenty, Garuda and Hanuman, Arjuna, and the great devotees Mirabai and Andal from the south are also featured. Important shlokas from the Geeta, and the various mantras, which helped the devotees attain salvation are briefly mentioned.

This is a visualisation of the great saint Vedanta Desika of the 11th c. whose Gopala Vimshati features this posture of Krishna, which he says should be in his memory when he breathes his last.


charcoal and watercolor

on handmade paper

Peacock Krishna

oil on canvas

Olive green Krishna

oil on canvas

Giant Panda

oil on canvas


Thangka style of painting

watercolor on paper

one line drawing
pen and ink


Lakshmi is seated in an eight petalled lotus and verses in praise of her in the Sri suktham forms the backdrop.

water color
on handmade paper.


The essence of The Ramayana. The complete surrender of Hanuman, a figurative symbol of our mind, to Rama, the Supreme in the human form.

conte on paper

Krishna Leela

The story of Krishna narrated in the egyptian style with Radha and Krishna forming the central piece.

oil on canvas
36" x 36"

Kamadenu's abhishek to Krishna --
A jewellery of milk.

oil on canvas
48" x 72"


mixed media
on handmade paper

mixed media


Conte on paper
Chettinad home

pen and ink
and watercolor

Cow sketches

charcoal, acrylic
and watercolor on paper

on handmade paper

Luciano Pavarotti
conte and acrylic on paper

Dalai Lama
water color and charcoal

"I want to know God's thoughts.
The rest are details."
----Albert Einstein


ink on paper