Jul 16, 2007

Sita's Gift to Hanuman
Oil on canvas, 1994
After the coronation ceremony of Rama, Sita wants to present her favourite and invaluable necklace. Sita never does a thing without her husband's consent. She just looks at Rama and Rama agrees. She chooses Hanuman.



oil on canvas, 2006

Hanuman surrenders to Rama. The background has elevating slokas from the Sundarakandam, which highlights the exploits of Hanuman.

Meera ke Prabhu,

oil on canvas, 2006

The bhakti of Meera is personified as the cow. Nature, dances to the tune of bhakti. watch the horns of the cow. Meera with her tanpura comes alive.

Kshirsagar sisters,
oil on canvas, 2006
Lakshmi chooses Vishnu as her Lord.
Kamadenu, who also emerged from the white ocean is her sister.
Kamadenu, ushers in Lakshmi before Vishnu.

Govinda Pattabhishekam,
oil on canvas, 2006
After the Goverdhana mount was lifted by Krishna and placed back after subjugating Indra's pride, Kamadenu extolls Krishna, and drenches him with her milk, and anoints him as Govinda.

oil on canvas, 2007
Krishna, milks the nectar of the upanishads in the form of The Gita. This knowledge is churned in our minds to result in the cream of Bhakti. This cream is what Krishna likes most.

oil on canvas,

oil on canvas, 2007

Giridhari, single line work,

watercolor and mixed media.

Again, a single line Goverdhanagiridhari, Krishna holding the mountain.
watercolor, acrylic

This is a one-line drawing. Follow the line.

Acrylic gold has added for effect.

Eka Rekha Ganapathy, watercolor