Jun 28, 2005

The Dancing God, Ganesha. Pen and indian ink. Keshav, 2004 Posted by Hello

Jun 25, 2005

Siva in the Himalayas. Single line sketch in pastel by keshav. 2004. Posted by Hello

Krishna subdues and vanquishes the rogue elephant Kuvalayapitha sent by Kamsa to kill Krishna. The elephant is here a symbol for authority (pillar like legs) and Kamsa is behind enclosed by the bubble of seeming power. Posted by Hello

Krishna dancing to the tune of Yashoda's churning and asking for a handful of butter in return. And Krishna, as Kurma was instrumental in churning the entire milky ocean which brought forth the divine nectar. Posted by Hello

Yashoda and Krishna - what a penance you made, Yashoda for having the divine blessing to feed, play and nourish Krishna - acrylic on canvas by Keshav Dec 2004. Posted by Hello

Krishna lifts the Goverdhana mountain. Acrylic on canvas by Keshav- Dec 2004 Posted by Hello

Krishna and enlightened cow and calf.-acrylic on canvas by Keshav 2004 Posted by Hello

Jun 23, 2005

Jagadodharana- Krishna leaping up to get the butter. Water color on paper by Keshav, 2004. Posted by Hello

The complete surrender of the seeker and the blessings of the Guru. The swan, the symbol of the discerning seeker, and that of knowledge, can be seen in the background. Acrylic on canvas by Keshav. 2004. Posted by Hello

Vishnu, as Vamana measures the three worlds according to the gift obtained from Mahabali, the demon King, the grandson of Prahlada. Here, Brahma, on his mount of swans, washes the feet of Vishnu, which becomes the Ganga. This coincides, with the efforts of Bhagiratha to bring the Ganga to earth, to purify the souls of his ancestors. Siva is called upon to bear the fall of Ganga on the earth. Siva stands on the Himalayas to receive the Ganga. Posted by Hello

Brahma Mohanam - Brahma, surrenders to Krishna, knowing Him to be the Supreme. Brahma hides the friends of Krishna along with their cows and calf. Krishna returns home to the Gokul, taking the forms of all his friends and cows and calf separately and acts according to their behaviour. This goes on for a year, before Brahma, realising his folly, surrenders to Krishna and releases the friends. Water colour on paper, by Keshav, 2004. Posted by Hello

Bhagavath Geetha, the divine song which Lord Krishna sang to Arjuna, the warrior, to overcome his confusion about his duties. Posted by Hello

Paramacharya, the saint of Kanchi, oil on canvas by Keshav (1993) Posted by Hello

Vishnu, as Krishna, lifting the Goverdhana mountain to protect the cowherds and the entire village from the wrath of Indra, whose worship was suspended and the mountain Goverdhana was chosen instead, at the instance of Krishna. The five elements are shown above in symbols. At the top right hand side, is the image of butter (He demands the cream of each person) and the devotee surrendering. Painting in water color in Egyptian papyrus paper by Keshav. Posted by Hello

Nrisimha, the man-lion form of Vishnu in the Egyptian style. Gouache on paper by Keshav. Vishnu, the all pervading one, in the man-lion form, knocks on the door of each one of us. We have to surrender our ego, which is the closed door to the heart. Once the surrender is complete, God enters our heart. Prahlada, the demon's son, is seen with folded hands. In the background, one can see the entire story of Hiranyakashipu, how he tries to kill his son for not obeying him -- for not accepting him as the almighty. Posted by Hello

Nrisimha, the avatar of Vishnu, challenged by the haughty and arrogant Hiranyakashipu, the father of Prahlada, the ultimate devotee of Vishnu. Satisfying all the conditions laid down by Hiranya himself for his death, Vishnu takes the anthropomorphic form of a man-lion and delivers mankind from his tyranny. Posted by Hello

Paramacharya, the saint of Kanchi, in oil colour by Keshav. Blessing Posted by Hello